Madison: Ripe For The Plucking – PascalsSubsluts


So it was a bummer for me that I didn’t get to see her again because I was ill. Me and P had a chat about what to do and rather than cancel the shoot and lose out on the flat we’d rented we figured it might be fun if the good doctor took control of proceedings (even more than usual!) and shoot the whole thing himself. That’s right, guys, this week sees the very first PascalsSubSluts POV scene!And a bloody good job he did too. Not easy bonking and holding a camcorder at the same time, especially when the gods are conspiring against you by making the sofa collapse within 20 seconds of fucking on it and having the neighbours knock loudly on the door to complain about the noise not long after. There’s just the one interview. They shot the main one at the end of the day, then start talking about what’s just happened, which kind of turns it into the post-scene interview. So don’t expect to see Interview 2 on Saturday.